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The purpose of this Online Planning Register is to enable you to track the status of a planning permit application. Please note that the register does not record all prescribed information under Section 47 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Baw Baw Shire Council has taken into account privacy considerations in determining the content of this planning register. A condition of use of this online register is that you will not use the information available in this register for any purpose which may breach copyright legislation.

Search Dates1/06/2018 to 30/06/2018
Application Search Results
Application LinkLodgement DateProposalApplication TypeStatusAddress
PLA0249/16.B12/04/2018Amend Part demolition, and alterations and extensions to a heritage listed building, reduction in car parking, waiver of loading bay requirements, and removal of a heritage listed treePlanning Permit ApplicationPast70 Queen Street WARRAGUL VIC 3820
PLA0266/13.B14/02/2018Amending [Development of Five (5) Dwellings on a Lot] to increase the number of dwellings from 5 to 7 and associated changes to development plansPlanning Permit ApplicationPast54 Shirley Road NEERIM SOUTH VIC 3831
PLA0297/14.B23/05/2018Use Land for Car ParkPlanning Permit ApplicationPastMountain Glen Drive TRAFALGAR EAST VIC 3824
PSB0068/12.E3/05/2018Amend Multi Lot Residential SubdivisionPlanning Permit ApplicationPast221 Bowen Street WARRAGUL VIC 3820
PLA0006/189/01/2018Develop alterations and extension to existing dwelling, generally in accordance with the submitted plansPlanning Permit ApplicationPast805 Neerim East Road NEERIM EAST VIC 3831
PLA0029/1812/02/2018Use and development of land for a second dwelling and associated works generally in accordance with the endorsed plansPlanning Permit ApplicationFuture250 Ringin Road DROUIN SOUTH VIC 3818
PLA0044/1822/02/2018Development of an Outbuilding and Associated WorksPlanning Permit ApplicationPast7 Sanctuary Court LONGWARRY VIC 3816
PLA0055/186/03/2018Development of a commercial building (Extension), associated works and extension to Liquor Licence Trading Area in general accordance with the submitted plansPlanning Permit ApplicationPast5 Smith Street WARRAGUL VIC 3820
PLA0060/188/03/2018Development of a Dwelling and associated works in general accordance with the submitted plansPlanning Permit ApplicationPast9 Glenbrook Place WILLOW GROVE VIC 3825
PLA0062/189/03/2018Removal of native vegetation generally in accordance with the submitted plansPlanning Permit ApplicationPastNeerim East Road NEERIM SOUTH VIC 3831
PLA0066/1819/03/2018Development of a single dwelling and associated works.Planning Permit ApplicationPast19 Byron Drive DROUIN VIC 3818
PLA0067/1816/03/2018Development of a Dwelling and associated works in general accordance with submitted plansPlanning Permit ApplicationPast24 Byron Drive DROUIN VIC 3818
PLA0073/1822/03/2018Development of a domestic swimming pool.Planning Permit ApplicationPast535 Torwood Topiram Road TORWOOD VIC 3821
PLA0080/1827/03/2018To develop additions to an existing outbuildingPlanning Permit ApplicationPast3035 Old Sale Road WILLOW GROVE VIC 3825
PLA0081/1623/03/2016Subdivision of Land (2 Lots)Planning Permit ApplicationPast18 George Street WARRAGUL VIC 3820

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