Other Invoice

We currently offer online payments for the following permit/application fees and invoices:


  • Food Premises
  • Caravan Parks
  • Accommodation
  • Hair, Skin and Beauty
  • Roadside Trading
  • Outdoor Eating
  • A Frame Sign
  • Display Goods For Sale
  • Domestic Animal Business
  • Multiple Pet Permit
  • Stock crossing, droving, grazing
  • Public Open Space Contributions
  • Fire Hazard Notice

To pay the fee for your permit/application fees and invoice you need to enter your Reference Number. The Reference Number is located on the bottom of the Application Form. Please refer to the sample application form to locate the Reference Number.

Please Note:
  • Your Application will not be complete until your signed form has been received and payment confirmed by Council.

  • If any details on the application form are incorrect please correct the information on the form and return the entire notice together with payment receipt details to the Council in person or by mail.

  • Ensure that the Reference Number entered is the same as that listed on your application form. Council will not be responsible for incorrectly entered information.

To start the payment process, enter the Reference Number and then click on the 'Next' button
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